We are a young and innovative team that interfaces with customers through the Web and the e-commerce tools. Our Customers can order high-quality products in a simple and intuitive way: with just one click you can select the products that best suit your tastes and needs! Also, each product is equipped with a specific data sheet that summarizes the features and its most important information. Such information include not only the company where they are produced, but also the territory and its peculiarities. Of course, each product has detailed information intended to describe it, some illustrative photos and some data about its specific storage conditions. POPILLO wants to offer a unique opportunity to its customers so that they can discover the natural and genuine products of the tradition. But what is the easiest way to rediscover the taste of the past? Simply by using the local products that the land offers us. With a simple click, you will receive at your place the freshest products sourced directly from our local farmers.


In order to provide the maximum transparency, but also the quality and the provenance of our products, we want to let our customer know every detail of our goods, before the customer proceeds to purchase. For this reason, we have designed a product data sheet that will provide you all the information needed.


Every your purchase will be made in complete serenity, in fact Popillo warrants only products that are born from the love and respect of nature. Not surprisingly, our local producers work in total harmony with the land, with the farms and with the seasons.

Our mission

Popillo collaborates exclusively with the companies who preserve the freshness and the authenticity of its products, under a single motto: "eat well and drink well!". This is our mission: 1. Offering healthy foods. 2. Divulging the products of our territor, 3. Bringing a healthy cuisine in the tables of everyone. Our role is to coordinate all these companies, we select them with extreme care and attention, assembling them in a single portal. We want to overcome territorial boundaries and export these delicacies to a wider audience.